Thursday, July 28, 2016

I posted a release date for my book with no idea how it could be

Just to give you some background, God told me that I would write a book for His glory when I was 16. At that time is was so unfathomable for me to believe. I was a hot mess and a half. As I could barely digest that I would be called to such a task, I kept that secret to myself for a very long time. I am now convinced that if I had spilled my vision to the wrong ear, or dream killer, it may not have lived through some very grueling seasons. I talk about this, overcoming insecurity, healing and birthing your blessing or purpose a lot within my new book. However, there is one part that I recently had to live out which wasn’t added.

I placed a public release date on my book with no idea how it would be. You see, the book was written, it was in my editor’s line-up, but there were still so many steps that had to be completed. This included the multiple re-visits in edits (because one or two is never enough), the formatting, the finances it took,  the marketing plan, re-doing my cover, creating accounts, legal aspects, setting it up for selling houses including Amazon, and let’s NOT forget the spiritual warfare and LIFE that goes on in the background of this.

I’ve sat with this 'baby' inside of me for so long. There were points I felt crippled and couldn’t think about anything else. I just wanted to deliver. But I couldn’t do it pre-maturely. Then, any time I would catch a ‘groove’ or rhythm, another attack would just about wipe your girl out. Hey, all I can be is honest.

God told me to release it in July, with it just a few weeks away. Bruh, forreal? Lol July has always been such a tough month for me personally. It always reminds me on the passing of someone I loved dearly. But then, I was encouraged by this verse

You turned my wailing into dancing; you removed my sackcloth and clothed me with joy (Psalm 30:11). 

He told me, like I believe he wants me to tell you, that He will turn all your tears of pain into tears of joy.  

 So, I jumped. I jumped with no idea how I would get all the work done by when He told me to release and handle all my daily responsibilities including a full-time job, no idea if I would have the financial stance to invest the way I needed to and all the plethora of other things I mentioned, plus some.

But guess what? In that act of obedience in total faith, I have seen God blow my mind! He made every single detail come to pass. He gave me the fortitude to push through regardless of the noise around me or my feelings. He gave me the patience to literally knock out one thing at a time without jumping ahead to worry about all the remaining steps. He opened doors for speaking engagements and blessings I didn’t even ask for. He gave me an over-flow to be able to not just invest in what I’m doing, but to deposit into the purpose of others. HE DID THAT.

And all I had to do was jump. Trust that He would come through when He said He would. SO I’m going ask you this…and I want you to be very honest.

Where have you been neglecting opportunities to jump out in faith?

Where have you been holding yourself back?

Where can you afford to let go of your comfort a little more?

You see, when I took a leap of faith I also took the chance of failing. I took the change of not coming through. I took the chance of public humiliation. But at the end of the day who cares? These are the questions I now plan to consistently ask myself before I jump. ‘Are you more concerned with the One who created you or are you more concerned with the life you create for yourself?’ Because I’ve learned that the life and purpose He created within us and for us cannot compare to the one WE try to re-create. 

God certainly makes the very best stories…if we stop snatching that dang pen.

My Mission Manifested 


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