Sunday, July 24, 2016

Welcome to my new blog! Starting a new blog has been on my spirit for quite some time. But like many of us, I always rationalized some excuse of needed perfection. You know. The perfection that will never be but we often wait for. 'I have to get the perfect template,' I thought. 'I have to wait until my next project comes out,' I doubted. Then God gave me the clearest picture of what I'm supposed to do. Get rid of any fluff (comfort) and just jump.

My last couple of weeks have been full of faith jumps. There is immense fruit in 'right now' obedience. I've learned what it's like to walk blindly in faith. I've always known the verse, I just lacked application. On the other side of obedience it's exhilarating, mind-blowing, and breezy. I can best describe it when I went sky diving.

When you jump out of the plane in the sky there's a few seconds that you cannot calculate how fast you're going. It's fun, but for a split second you think 'oh. my. God." But then the Instructor (let's just say it's God for analogy sake), pulls the parachute and there's this cruise control speed mid air as you safely make your way down the overtaking beauty of all that surrounds. Peace, yo. Peace. That's on the other side of obedience; if only we jump out of the plane and are willing to withstand a few seconds of seemingly forever 'free-falling'.

Back to the Basics. Paloma's Pen. A place of transparency and unrelenting faith. Thank you for joining as I attempt to show myself naked with all of my clothes on so that God's glory can be revealed.  

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